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Dedicated Servers are at the very top level of web hosting and are usually the last option when Shared Web Hosting or a VPS just isn't enough. A Dedicated server is totally stand-alone, meaning it doesn't rely on other resources to operate and function. Dedicated Web Hosting will give you absolute independence over your web hosting.

All of our Dedicated Servers come with full root access and are CPANEL/WHM Enabled, so you can get on with managing your Dedicated Server once setup has been completed.

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Each Dedicated Server is equipped with lightning fast Solid State Drives (SSD), giving them reliability, speed and responsiveness. All our Dedicated Servers have CentOS6 64bit installed.

DDOS Protected

Because we feel strongly that security is paramount for any web hosting, we believe that protection from attacks is something everyone should have when operating a Dedicated Server. That is why we include DDOS protection with all of our Dedicated Servers to give you peace of mind that everything possible would be done in the event of a DDOS Attack against your Dedicated Web Hosting.

More information on DDOS

Lightspeed Server

To add even more power and speed to your server, we include Lightspeed Server as standard across our Dedicated Server range. Lightspeed server will give your Dedicated Hosting a turbo boost and almost double the speed and performance of your Apache enabled Dedicated Server when serving web pages. In short, this means your websites on your Dedicated Web Hosting are served at almost twice the speed to your website visitors.

About our Dedicated Server Startup Plan and Specs

We have designed our Dedicated Server Startup plan for Startup Businesses that require a Dedicated Server from their business incarnation. Our Dedicated Server Startup Plan comes with heaps of power and space is an excellent option if your business requires a powerful Dedicated Server.

  • DELL R220 E3-1220
  • 3.1 Ghz 4 Core
  • Pay Monthly
  • 240GB SSD (upgradeable)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 6 IP addresses
  • SSH Access
  • CentOS6 64bit
  • 24/7 Support
  • 7 Days of Backups
  • Hosted in the UK
  • DDOS Protected
  • WHM/Cpanel Enabled
  • Lightspeed Server Enabled

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